STEP 1: Who Am I?

  • Take an assessment that identifies what is unique about you
  • Discover your personality traits and strengths
  • Identify your core values that motivate how you think, feel and behave
    STEP 2: What Do I Do Best?
  • Determine your natural skills and talents that make you successful in school, work and
    STEP 3: What Career fits my Passion?
  • Generate a list of career options, narrowed down from many choices that match your
    personality traits, core value and skills/talents.
  • Identify the best audience to utilize your preferred strengths and talents that allow you to be who you are and do what you love to do.
    STEP 4: What Should I Major In?
  • Choose a major correlated with Holland themes/codes
    STEP 5: How Do I Put What I’ve Learned All Together?
  • Receive a downloaded printable 1-page report that summarizes all the above components to present to a counselor or other professional to further guide you in pursuing your dream job!
    STEP 6: Bonus: Learning Styles and Teaching Styles
    How Do I Learn Best?
  • Understand how teaching styles and learning styles interact. The exercises give you
    knowledge of the differences in teaching styles and student learning styles. They
    empower students to know how they learn best and can adjust to learning from different
    types of teachers.