Shirley is a program manager who serves as a senior staff coordinator with Readiness Programs. Overseas and conducts prevention/communication events and training. She feels her Inner Heroes™ (IH) training, business and social science background, work experience and training all assist her in helping staff to create resilient teams that are better prepared for struggles.

Shirley served over 20 years in the United States Army, as an Army Warrant Officer in the sectors of organizational leadership, strategic planning, mentorship, human resources, and IT. She traveled extensively and worked with diverse and dynamic groups of people as a facilitator and trainer.

Fourteen years ago Shirley took the Inner Heroes™ personality assessment and discovered that she was a Helper/Thinker personality type. As a Helper, she learned that she was gifted with excellent people and communication skills. She received confirmation consistently for why people found her approachable and inspiring. Her passion to develop and empower people gives her great joy in the work she currently performs.

Shirley believes that Inner Heroes™ Facilitation training sets one on a journey to self-discovery regarding natural strengths that a person can bring to the table, as well as challenges that one can improve on. Shirley has been engaging employees in her trainings for over 14 years, and her trainings have helped to bring change and understanding into relationships, better understanding for personal and work conflicts, teambuilding, leadership, career guidance, communication, and connection.

Shirley is in demand in her corporation where leaders seek her out to facilitate Inner Heroes™ Personality System. Leaders have given her rave reviews on her trainings and have shared positive outcomes of the IH trainings that have resulted in better employee communication, formulation of healthy relationships, and stronger teams. She considers communication to be the key in resolving conflicts.

Whether they are top management, supervisor, employee, family member, or student, Shirley believes that the Inner Heroes™ Personality System can help individuals transform their way of thinking, helping people to recognize them for who they are, and learn to value the differences in others.