I am well versed in many areas. Presently, I am a counselor in higher education. My prior experience involves many years in Human Resources and Accounting in non-profit organizations, as well as, an entrepreneur. Helping students choose a major and envision their future career is one of my passions, therefore, I love coaching them in the decision making process. We live in a country that values education. As an immigrant, I feel blessed for the education that I received and the success I have acquired. My journey started in the community college system, where I pursued a major in social work. Then, I transferred to a four year university receiving a bachelor’s degree in Human Services. After many years, I returned to school and enrolled in a master’s program in College Counseling and Guidance at Point Loma Nazarene University. I enhanced my credentials with a Certification from Inner Heroes to coach individuals on finding their passion and to accomplish their dreams. I believe that every person is born with a purpose, and Inner Heroes beautifully unveils people’s hidden talents. I am fluent in Spanish and reside in San Diego, California with my lovely family. I look forward to the opportunity to meet and help you reach your potential, embark on a journey of self-discovery and be your best self.